I am little late in getting with this started because I’ve been sick since last year. I  use to take care of  people skin and do their makeup love that job. It’s funny how I got to the manager took out eat maybe four or five times before I said yes..I was so loyal to my other job he was trying to take me away from. So here in the Rock town it gets very hot in the summer,and winter is odd because I am in such deep south…Ok back to me, while working at my retail job I started  move up the ranks in six months time I was on target to be a manager! I was the only one working in the house because my husband  was disabled at the time, NOT ONLY THAT! but wait there’s more…My kids well our kids( I’ll talk about his kids my kids thing later) has disability of their own but just the two oldest..The younger ones THE DIVAS! so far are fine.. there is one we can’t see or won’t come to see us because his mom has put so much pain in his heart…..well this is about me and  why they can’t find whats making me sick! But you see I have a lot of other things going on right…Yea! I know I’ve been all over the place with this but I want to paint this picture for you….

In 2010 I worked in the mall here but it was one the best and highest paying jobs since I’d had…I mean it got me a house, two cars and help take care family and is 7 of us it’s a good job at the mall….I was very over wight and  I felt sick all the time even before the bottom fell out…One day in April of 2010, I notice a hard, rough, pain patch on my foot, and  being I work on my feet all day I thought ( better get looked at) and  I did but only after it got worst..Once my doctor looked at it he said:” oh get some thick pads put them in your shoes they’ll be fine”but it was not it only got worst I called the doc this time because it was hard to walk on my left foot…So now I’ve been told to go see a foot doctor ok then I went..BUT DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GOING TO HAVE CUT A PLUG OUT MY FOOT..I got four small plugs than one large hunk!  WHAT THE? The reason it kept happening it was not healing so that sucks…anywho all this time I am on diet plan …before I got sick I lost 10 or 15lb I was a hot momma what! But because I had to stay off my foot it started to come back then my blood pressure started to rise so since my doctor had co-doctor where I was getting my foot work on I talked to him and he gave the drug HCTZ!

What felt odd at first was not being able to sleep and I WAS SO VERY SLEEP!, (I was still hoping one foot) I felt sick but I didn’t know how sick, my migraines were worst then ever I just could not put finger on it…THE LAST DAY I DROVE …I was taken my son to a 4-h outing and I was having a seizure and didn’t know at the time…I just remember going to the bank and  almost hitting someone and being hard to find my way home…as set here on this laptop the biggest seizure I felt I just got my new toy as I call it…I keep telling my husband I feel weird, it’s something wrong, now I not only am I feeling real sleepy but it’s hard to hold my head up, light hurts eyes, my hand and arms feel like a ton and can’t move them hmmm? what the skip?( but you gotta say it real slow) this is the worst feeling in the world, Ok now lets back track a little I have meds for head pain,reflux, and blood pressure ok its way past time for me to go the E.R. the first one I go io is close to my doctor because he is 30min out that where lived before I married…when I got there it’s like I was stuck, I could not remember my name or anything for about a few seconds…It scared me until the nurse said ” Mrs. Hill you ok?” then I asked her to repeat question she asked again my info and told me to wait in the waiting room..they we’er quick until I got in the back I waited and waited then finally they came and did some test, the only thing they found was my potassium was low then they sent me on my way…as I was walking out they wanted money of course but they gave me nothing…but I should follow-up with my doctor…

So the next day I went to see my doctors co-doc, I told him all my symptoms and he checked me out he thought I was fine, shoot even But I did tell him my potassium was very low and still no meds for that…hmmm? oh well I was sent home to get some rest because they think it’s just what I need  I need  a whole lot more …on my lap like I said earlier and I feel  this weird feeling that feels like a million tons is on top of me I can’t move for about five minutes I could time it I knew where I was I just could not talk, my face hurt too,  I could move and no one was home….My husband was on his was to get our youngest child Ariel, I was on the phone with him at the time as well I was trying to tell him I needed help but I could not speak…he kept yelling “chell! Chell! Chell!” then as odd as it stated it stopped I told him to hurry home I needed to go to the E.R. again I got there again with potassium but this time I was in my home city and kept me..I was in this E.R. for 5 hrs I went for test after test and still nothing but I was also dehydrated so they started fluids…I was so hungry I also having tremors, my speech was slow and sluggish it was very hard to talk…They don’t know what wrong with me but there is something going on now I’m in the room and I’m get the worst staff doctor in the world and his nurse must be picked from the same bunch cause she was just as bad…remember light hurts eyes, so here come the nurse from hell,  shining the light in my eyes it was the worst pain in the world..she was so mean about it she said ” If you don’t let me check your eyes blah blah blah!” I don’t remember she made me mad  cause she was hateful.. then here comes DOCTOR EGO the first one of many I run into…

 After just reading my file oh he had all the answer NOT! so here is what he thought is what was wrong with me ” let check your leg (in a low deep voice) he said you don’t need this catheter,you just depressed and I think you need go to the psycward”  WHAT THE FLIPIN DOG BISCUTS! (it’s hard for me to talk so if I do it ‘s in( s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n) While all this crap is going my husband had to leave to get our other kids, my mom ( the drama queen) is freaking out and lives about 30 to 40 miles up the road and she was at work..my dad was cool but concern my brothers are praying for me as well as everyone eles..So told my mom and my hubby what dr.ego said and that’s when the fire started…we talk to the Director of hospital to get another doctor because he had not run one test..so after he came and showed his big ego how long he’s been a doctor, my mom with her drama, my husband about to act a fool my brother had his back,and  my dad just about to….JUST THEN I YELL STOPPP! slowly I say: I don’t want to fight! I just want know what going on…and it shut the room down, then doctor after that was nicer, the nurse was nice, when finally did test he found I has seizures and potassium low but still no meds low potassium but they did take me off the HCTZ  it was making me sick, this caused me some short-term memory problems , gait, tremor,sensitivity to light, I was getting sick to my stomic, my eyes would drain, ears would pop and hiss, I was having a host of  symtoms….there is lot more test and Big doctor ego I run into but I want bore with that what I will skip to where I am now…after I left the hospital started seeing a epilepsy doctor and he made clear that’s all he does is epilepsy..he put me in the hospital for 7 days the scariest part was when I was told my potassium was critically low yes I was that close to death…so today I am in limbo I have seen 5 nureo doctors so far….I have tingling,numbness,muscle stiffness spasms,loss of balance, weakness in my right leg and hand ,blurred vision, my coordination,  tremor and mood swings.. WHAT THE HECK DO I HAVE?  MY SICKNESS HAS NO NAME!  (I am sorry if words are missing)



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